Pan card instructions:
 1. Download form from below
 2. Fill the form, attach photograph on top right and left.
 3. Sign a cross the photo on left and in the box below photo on right.
 4. Sign on page 2, the box provided.
 5. Upload the scanned form by clicking on edit option in action.
 6. We will approve the document.
 7. Post approval courier the same to address mentioned.
 8. Mention the tracking number of courier.
 9. Fill form only with black pen.
 10. No corrections in the form is allowed.
 11. Aadhar Card with all details is mandatory to apply for PAN Card.
 12. If any detail on the PAN application form does not match with the Aadhar Card submitted then Form will be rejected.
 13. Initial name is not accepted for PAN application.